At Aluland we combine the trading and shipbuilding disciplines as a specialised merchant in semi fabricates for aluminium shipbuilding.


Aluland is a renowned supplier to the world's leading shipyards thanks to an extensive delivery program, short and reliable delivery times, the wide range of sawing, cutting and bending facilities, and our knowledge of aluminium plates, profiles, alloys and their specific application in vessels.

One of the vital aspects in maintaining our leading position is the high degree of involvement with our clients and their projects. We also proactively contribute to the newest improvements in aluminium shipbuilding. Aluland stocks the latest and strongest aluminium alloys such as Alustar and Sealium. We can also supply from stock copper/nickel flanges, fittings and tubes as well as Triplate® (aluminium steel transition joints) and Teekay®  Couplings.


An interesting activity of Aluland is the supply of building kits. As a partner in your maritime project we can provide, plan and organize in the most efficient way:

* delivery of aluminium sheets, plates, profiles, elbows, tubes; Triplate®, Teekay®  Couplings, Cunifer pipes and fittings as well, FSW panels as well as plastics piping systems

* detail engineering of your basic plans

* cut parts, using plasma, laser, water jet or router

* bending and forming of your cut sections

* just in time, worldwide supply of your sections or building kit


Aluland's focuses on quality and reliability will become instantly apparent when you do business with us. We look forward to supplying any kind of aluminium you may require for shipbuilding and other marine applications.