Why Aluland?

Since Aluland’s foundation in 2000, we have managed to build a solid network of customers who appreciate our efforts and know what we stand for. We not only value our customers, but also our reliable suppliers. We specialize in supplying the maritime and offshore industry and offer an extensive product range that is perfectly suitable for these specific market segments. We only supply high quality products, for the most part (externally) certified and mainly from Western European origin.

In addition to our extensive product range, flexibility and enthusiasm, we are well-known for our short and reliable delivery times. Furthermore, our expertise with regard to sawing, cutting, milling, forming and bending, as well as our knowledge of various products and their specific applications makes us an ideal business partner. We are not only committed to our customers and projects, but also take part in the latest developments in our field.

Convince yourself of our capabilities and contact us. We are at your service!

Our segments

Aluland was founded as specialized trader of aluminium semi-finished products for the marine industry worldwide. Nowadays we supply not only shipyards but also the offshore industry with a complete range of high quality products such as aluminium plates and profiles, flanges & fittings, Teekay® couplings, cunifer, bi-metal, Fiberdur® glassfiber reinforced piping systems, etc.

Over the years, Aluland has become an aluminum specialist in many areas. For example, we have also possibilities for supplying boarding and gangways for the industrial market and pipelines for the chemical and water industry.


For shipbuilding we provide all the material needed for constructing a boat.


For offshore, we mainly supply aluminium plates, Cunifer, glassfiber reinforced material etc. for the construction and gangways of drilling rigs


Our products

Sheets / Plates

Aluminum plates can be delivered in many different sizes, designs and alloys. Aluminum is light, durable and easy to handle. Due to its corrosion-resistant properties, aluminum is widely used in the maritime sector. Read more...


Aluminum profiles are indispensable in many constructions such as L-, T-, U-, round tube, bulb, HP and square tube profiles. The possibilities are endless and because of the different alloys there is an appropriate solution for each... Read more...


All sizes in round bar and square bar are available, also in discs or rings, with low tolerances and short delivery times. Read more...


Aluminum elbows, welding sockets, welding nipples and flanges are available in various sizes and alloys. Read more...

Building kits

By being involved in your maritime project we can help you provide, plan and organize in the most efficient types of aluminium by: delivering our products detailed engineering of your basic plans cutting parts using plasma, router,... Read more...


Triplate® is a vacuum-welded transition joint, a high-grade material for connecting aluminum to steel. Triplate® is the solution for your aluminum on steel connection. Triplate® consists of 3 layers of metals; steel as base, pure aluminum as... Read more...

Teekay® Couplings

With Teekay® Couplings, pipes can be connected quickly and easily without using more labor-intensive connection techniques such as welding. You can shorten tubes regardless of the type of material on the spot and connect very easily. This... Read more...


Cunifer is an alloy of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe). Cunifer is corrosion and seawater resistant. The most widely used ratio between copper and nickel is CuNi 90/10. Cunifer is often used in the maritime... Read more...


The marine environment is by its nature very corrosive. Fibermarine is made of glass fiber reinforced epoxy or vinylester, so does not corrode and therefore a good alternative to Cunifer, Steel and Stainless Steel. In addition, it... Read more...