Special profile

Standard length 6000 mm. 6082 T6 is available with 3.2 LRS. Certificates of other class societies can be provided upon request.

Article nr.TypeA C B (in MM)Quality
0001318Bulb profile40x18x46082 T6
0002734Bulb profile55x20x56082 T6
0001002Bulb profile55x20x76082 T6
0001004Bulb profile160x24x86082 T6
0001745HP profile square45x11,5x46082 T6
0001538HP profile triangular60x12x3,36082 T6
0004055HP profile triangular60x17x56082 T6
0002462HP profile square60x20x56082 T6
0001539HP profile triangular80x16,5x3,76082 T6
0003599HP profile triangular80x20x56082 T6
0001674HP profile square85x20x56082 T6
0001523HP profile triangular100x21x46082 T6
0002587HP profile triangular100x22x66082 T6
0002391HP profile triangular130x28x4,96082 T6
0001456HP profile triangular155x34x56082 T6
0001457HP profile triangular185x41,3x6,26082 T6
0001458HP profile triangular215x40x66082 T6