Fiberdur® Isometrics

It is possible with Fiberdur® to produce isometrics conform your own specifications. These products include strainers, discharge pipes etc. Please contact us to inform about the possibilities.

Safra® welding wire

The Italian brand Safra is known for its high-quality aluminium products. Its superior quality welding wire is precisely wound, double diamond shaved for optimum feedability and available in a variety of alloys. Welding wire is applicable in a large number of industries, including the chemical, food, construction and maritime industry.


  • Precision layer wound
  • Double diamond shaved wire
  • Excellent feedability and arc control
  • Available in a range of aluminium alloys
  • Spools are individually wrapped in plastic with nitrogen for optimal storage conditions


  •  General aluminium fabrication and repairs
  • Bullbars and rollbars
  • Very high quality welding of many aluminium alloys

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Raccorderie Metalliche®

Learn more about our pressfittings!

Save time and money with our Inoxpres® stainless steel (SS AISI 316L) and Marinepres® cunifer (90/10) fittings from Raccorderie Metalliche Spa!

A pressfitting is a joint between pipes with fittings. Pressing permanently forms the fitting on the pipe thus leading to a perfect mechanical joint. Pressing fittings provide a high quality joint, are easily reproduced and require minimum physical effort.

Inoxpres® fittings can be supplied with a diameter of 15 to 168 mm, where competitors only supply up to 108 mm. Inoxpres® AISI316L with material number 1.4404, has a low carbon content to limit the susceptibility to corrosion. Fittings in 316L stainless steel can be fitted to a wide range of pipes, from 15 to 168mm diameter.

Marinepres® is supplied with a diameter of 15 to 108 mm. Cunifer is one of the most resistant and best performing solutions in saline environments. At the end of production, a green FKM O-ring with a patented profile is immediately mounted in each fitting. Green FKM O-rings can be used between -20 and +220°C, maximum pressure 16bar. Marinepres® fittings are the best choice when the intrinsic anti-corrosion properties of the material are required.

90% of the Inoxpres® and Marinepres® fittings are produced seamlessly. Both are 100% compatible with M-profile tools and pressing machines. Not just the fittings, but the systems are certified by Lloyd’s Register, ABS, Bureau Veritas, DN-GL, RINA and CCS and more! All fittings are also marked with work numbers, making all products traceable.

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